Top 10 FAQ About Gates – From Our Experts

Top 10 FAQ About Gates you must read and know if you have owner of Gate.

It doesn’t matter if is driveway gate, wood gate, automatic gate or not…

How Much Time It To Install Gate By Experts?

If you hire the right technicians for installation gate, this can take about 2-5 hours.

The exact time depend on in a lot of variables.

This why is hard to know how much time can take to install gate.

Because, without to know the size of the gate, type and other factors.

How Long Does A Gate Last?

Most of the issued with automatic gates opener and not the doors.

We have To know the exact time we have to know a lot of factors.

If you maintenance your automatic gate 1-3 times, the gate can work great for 10-20 years at least.

But if you will not hire expert your gate will last a lot less.

What Can I do When My Gate Stops Working?

We can advise you the main tip, don’t do anything yourself (Don’t Touch the gate or try to fix it by yourself).

Just Call to Gate Repair Company! – Need Expert and Local Technicians Contact Us Today:

Toll Free: (800) 362-7540
San Francisco: (415) 915-3300
San Jose: (408) 572-5565
Peninsula: (650) 769-6010

What Safety Features Are Mandatory?

  1. The”Reverse” Function – This function causes the gate to do reverse direction when it comes into some object.
  2. The “Photo Beam” – This infrared beam that is point to the ground. Her purpose is if have something in the infrared area the gate will stop working. And make Reverse Function (the first safety feature we write above).

* In electric gates, those safety features are the minimum you have to do.

5 OF 10 FAQ About Gates – What Type Of Material Are The Best For My Gate?

These questions are hard to answer.

Gate material you need to your gate, depended on your needs only;

This way has few gates materials.

Popular Gate Materials in 2019:

  • Metal Gate.
  • Wrought Iron Gates.
  • Metal Framed Gates with Timber Infill.
  • Hardwood Gates.
  • Softwood Gates.
  • Manganal Steel.
  • Mild Steel.
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Concrete.
  • Polyurethane Foam (PUF).
  • Aluminum.
  • Vinyl.
  • And More And More.

Our Recommend:

if you can choose between Wood, Steel, Vinyl Or Wrought Iron For Your Gate.

After 5 FAQ From Our Top 10 FAQ About Gates Let’s talk about the most basic things about Gates.

Can I Install My Gate Include My Opener Without Any Help?

If you need to repair your car you or to duplicate keys you will contact to expert for it. No?

So when you need to install any type of gate.

In particular automatic gate installation you have to hire expert for it.

The installation process of automatic gate is more complected then any other type of gate

Because you have gate opener / gate operator and advance features.

In Which Ways My Automatic Gate Can Open?

Today, automatic gates can be open with one of 3 opening styles:

  • Gate Swing Opener – “The Swing Opening Style”.
  • Gate Sliding Opener – “The Sliding Opening Style”.
  • Gate Dual Opener (Double) – “The Dual Opening Style”.

For more information about the gates opening styles you can read in our next articles.

How Can I Trigger My Automatic Gate To Open Or To Close?

First of all, you have manual operation you can use to open or to close your automatic gate.

Also, if you need to improve your security you need to add for it some advance technology.

  • US Sensor – This sound like something advance but not… this infrared that will help your driveway automatic gate or any other type of automatic gate to detect a care driving over it (this sensor installation will be underground). If the sensor detect car the gate will opens automatically.
  • Key Fob: In most time will be connect to some telephone entry system or other type of access control system. you will have remote ( that you will has to programmed before) and to click on the remote to open your gate.
  • Card: Like key fob you will connect it to some access control system and you will use this card to open your gate (you have to pre-programmed this card before use it).
  • Telephone Entry System – Almost every automatic driveway gate have telephone entry system. Telephone entry system is electronic communications system for private dialogue… This type of entry system have number pad that every user need to enter a code to enter. Those type of systems can be contented with Smartphones and Computers.

What Kind OF Maintenance I Need To Do?

Before we talked about the way to maintenance your gates, you have to know it’s all start with hire the right gate company and choose the right gate for your needs.

  1. Lubricate All Moving Parts – Lubricate the chains inside of your gate mechanism.
  2. Wax it & Wash it – every thing need to be looking good no? not just to look good if you will clean your gate the paint will not ruin by sun or any weather.
  3. Pests – Like you don’t want moth in your closet that can eat your clothes you don’t want pests… They can ruin almost any type of electronic board very easily.

You can hire gate company near me to do more professorial maintenance and to check your gate every year.

Remember: “Low Quality Gate = Less Durability” and “Low Quality Entry System = More Problems”

How Much Does New Driveway Gate Cost?

Gates Cost | Gate Price | Gate benefits | Driveway Gate Cost

Driveway Gate Cost And Benefits

New Driveway Gate is not cheap. So let’s talk about money.

A New driveway gate by costs between $1,000 to $3,500.

Also you need to add the cost for card / key fob or any other type of Remote Control – this can cost between $400 to $5,100.

Furthermore, you can add access control systems like telephone entry system or biometric entry system.

So, if you need good driveway gate with access control system this can cost between $1,800 to 9,000$.

And if you need the best driveway gate you can pay more then $40,000.

10 FAQ About Gates – Summary:

After you read about our 10 FAQ About Gates , we hope you study a little bit about the questions you have to ask any gate company.

Those questions are relevant even if you need gate repair in San Jose or in any other place in the world.

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